Series 01: Dealing With Temptation

Even though God forgives us when we fall, there is greater reward for saying No to sin. After Jesus overcame the devil in the wilderness, Angels came and ministered to him (Matthew 4:11). There is grace, enablement and trust that comes with overcoming. Joseph overcame Potiphar’s wife before he was entrusted with such wisdom that could manage global famine. The next time temptation comes knocking on your door, see it as opportunity for your promotion but be wise not to involve yourself in any thing that will give the devil undue advantage by choosing the right stuff to fill your eyes, ears and mind with. You don’t prepare against temptation when it does come, you prepare ahead of time as you meditate on God’s word day and night. Light and darkness can never coexist. Find out more on dealing with temptation as you view these episodes:

Series 02: The Secret Place

For every believer, Christ is legally our dwelling place for in Him we live, move and have our being (Acts 17:28). However, when you look around you see some experiences that believers go through which are not compatible with dwelling in Christ. This is because it is one thing to have a dwelling place but a different thing for the dwelling place to be one’s place of habitation. For instance, if my home address is at Cairo in Egypt, that is legally my dwelling place; but if at a particular time I travel to California for an event, at that time California is my place of habitation and not Cairo. We make Christ our habitation through fellowship in intimate prayer, worship, studying His word and staying still in Him. When we do these, we contact His manifest presence which the Bible calls the shadow of the Almighty (Psalm 91:1). Find out more in this series:

Meet Your Host

Dr. Elijah Chinawa

Dr. Elijah Chinawa

Dr. Chinawa Ndubuisi Elijah is a consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon and founder of Siloam Ministries with a triple eye mandate of opening the spiritual eyes of men through the teaching of God’s word, opening the physical eye through excellent ophthalmic practice and also mental eye via rediscovering the vision of men for living.

He is the CEO of Siloam Sight Company. The mission arm runs free medical/evangelical outreaches under Siloam Eye Foundation. He and his team have performed about four thousand eye surgeries in the past seven years.

He has inspired many across all age groups to excel in different fields of life and is a sought speaker in conferences, churches, government, and non-governmental agencies.

He is married to Nora and they are blessed with three children.