This site showcases the activities of Siloam Ministries which run a triple eye mandate. We are called to open the spiritual, mental and optical eyes of men across the nations of the world.

A person’s spiritual eye is opened at the instant of encountering the saving grace of Jesus Christ. We are commissioned to go all out to win souls and then disciple them to be able to become instruments in God’s hand. We achieve this through our rural, prison, orphanage, school and church-based outreaches. We also have a discipleship program tagged an evening with Christ where believers participate across the globe to discover their inheritance in Christ. Some of our books are aimed at reconciling men to God. Our Radio and television program tagged vision beyond sight are aimed at evangelizing and discipling the nations.

The second mandate of opening mental eyes is aimed at ensuring that all discover their purpose for living. When there is no vision people will run wild. After God-discovery, the next thing is self-discovery. We achieve this through school campaigns with campus-based fellowships, our books, social media, Radio and television program.

The third mandate of opening optical eyes is aimed at eliminating avoidable blindness. The founder Dr Elijah Chinawa is a consultant Ophthalmologist. We are involved in rural and community-based outreaches in partnership with churches and good spirited individuals where we render free eyecare. About four thousand eye surgeries have been performed/supervised in outreaches, government hospital and in our hospital; Siloam Eye Specialist Hospital. The medical outreaches are run under Siloam Eye Foundation.