Vision Beyond Sight

Triple eye mandate: Opening the spiritual eyes of all to discover and have a closer walk with God, opening their mental eye to discover their purpose for living and opening their physical eye to discover the beauty of creation.

Meet Your Host

Dr. Elijah Chinawa

Dr. Elijah Chinawa

Dr. Chinawa Ndubuisi Elijah is a consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon andĀ founder of Siloam Ministries with a triple eye mandate of opening the spiritual eyes of men through the teaching of God’s word, opening the physical eye through excellent ophthalmic practice and also mental eye via rediscovering the vision of men for living.

He is the CEO of Siloam Sight Company. The mission arm runs free medical/evangelical outreaches under Siloam Eye Foundation. He and his team have performed about four thousand eye surgeries in the past seven years.

He has inspired many across all age groups to excel in different fields of life and is a sought speaker in conferences, churches, government, and non-governmental agencies.

He is married to Nora and they are blessed with three children.